Welcome to React Denver Meetup!

React Denver is focused on Facebook's ReactJS library and the technologies and architectures surrounding it.

We welcome initiates, beginners, mid-level, and experts alike. This meetup is focused on sharing successes

and failures in working with React and the backing stack. Come share stories, listen to talks, eat, drink, and be merry.

Turing School of Software & Design

1331 17th St 100 ยท Denver, CO

We are on the corner of 17th and Market in the

basement of the Guaranty Bank Building.



Levelup Tutorials Scott Tolinski

Job Opportunities

Ideas By Nature - ideasbynature.com -Blockchain, Node, Javascript, Devs

303 Software - React & Node Devs Full Stack Developers

Salt Lending - saltlending.com -Blockchain, Node, React

React Native Talk coming next month

Gabriel Konkle Twitter: @gabriel.konkle github: mssngr email: gabriel@ecliptic.io

ReasonML ingenious.agency "Cherta" Chertok Twitter: @iamcherta Medium: Cherta Github: Cherta


Reason is a new syntax for oCaml AST

What is ReasonML?


let greet = (name) => { "Hello " ++ name };

Js.log(greet("ReactJS Denver!"))

// Generated by BUCKLESCRIPT VERSION 1.9.2, PLEASE EDIT WITH CARE 'use strict';

function greet(name) { return "Hello " + name; }

console.log("Hellow ReactJS Denver!");

exports.greet = greet; /* Not a pure module */

Integrating React Bootstrap