Welcome to React Denver Meetup!

React Denver is focused on Facebook's ReactJS library and the technologies and architectures surrounding it.

We welcome initiates, beginners, mid-level, and experts alike. This meetup is focused on sharing successes

and failures in working with React and the backing stack. Come share stories, listen to talks, eat, drink, and be merry.

Turing School of Software & Design

1331 17th St 100 · Denver, CO

We are on the corner of 17th and Market in the

basement of the Guaranty Bank Building.

Upcoming Events: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Meetup Details TBDMay 15, 2018

Doug Whitney - Web Performance API Remaining Meetup Details TBD, Slack us on denverdevs, tweet at us @reactdenver, or email Sam lindstrom.s@gmail.com, Will will.klein@gmail.com, or Josh josh@leo.ng we'll get you setup and confirmed. Many thanks to Ingenious Software, Turing, and Granicus for sponsoring!

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2 Fast 2 Furious and Heroic Refactoring for MortalsApril 17, 2018

2 Fast 2 Furious by Scott Tolinski After creating thousands of web development tutorials, Scott shares his secrets on how to learn quickly in a rapidly changing development world. Scott is the creator of Level Up Tutorials and co-host of the web development podcast, Syntax.fm. http://scotttolinski.com/ Heroic Refactoring for Mortals by Dan Levy Learn a superhuman refactoring technique designed…

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Web Accessibility and React-Native w/ Expo & SnackMarch 20, 2018

Come downtown for food, drink, talks, and socializing. We'll be talking about ReactJS and related technologies. Talks/topics to be covered: TBA Web Accessibility by Katie Foster TBA Create Mobile Apps using React-Native with Expo & Snack by Rahim Rahman Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned React-Native developer, here's your chance to learn more about Expo & one of Expo's development…

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